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"Most folks are about as happy as they makeup their minds to be".  Abraham

"The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".
Eleanor Roosevelt

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in
having  new eyes".  Marcel Proust




Vision for Amazing Lyfe

It seems to me that we live in a world of speed, noise and pollution.  Many of us often live in fear of the destruction we are wreaking on our environment and worried about our planet’s future.  Or addicted as we are to the unhealthy western lifestyle, we choose to remain ignorant, or in denial of our responsibility for the effects that our lifestyle has on our world. 

We frequently live alienated from our neighbours and communities, sometimes even our workmates and families, and we excuse ourselves because we feel we are too busy, too rushed, we don’t have enough time.   We live in ever more isolated groups of close friends and families and the gaps between us grow ever wider as ‘US and THEM’ thinking create greater levels of mistrust.

We are constantly bombarded with images and messages in the media of crime, violence, war, terrorism and global weather chaos.  Whilst true levels of unemployment, stress and depression are skilfully hidden from us by a thin, superficial veneer of apparent luxury, comfort and glamorous living presented to us by advertising companies (paid by Big Businesses who want our hard earned money) that constantly hold over us images of “perfection” to which most of us can never even hope to aspire.  (And actually would not really enjoy).

We are fed a diet through the media of FEAR, VIOLENCE & SEPARATION which cause us untold stress.


It is only one side – the one that keeps us endlessly looking outside ourselves to find happiness, to keep ourselves busy and distracted so that we don’t sit down and feel our pain, our disconnection, or our fear.


OUT THERE is a reflection of the state of our inner being as a human collective. 
If we want to create a society and world of True happiness …

Where people respect each other and their world; where inner and outer peace, community, friendship, balance, trust and harmony are honoured and valued above all, rather than a world where superficial or fear based and unbalanced values such as war, separation, judgment, cruelty, mistrust and violence are acceptable…

… We all need to first make these changes individually within ourselves, so that the outer world will then reflect that inner harmony.

THE PURPOSE OF Amazing Lyfe - the organisation - is to provide resources to support these changes and a local community for those who wish to grow and expand in response to the challenges we face as a planet.

I believe that human nature is naturally loving, kind and reverent at heart and that the further we wander from our true nature the more unloving and fear based we become.  Our society reflects the corruption of those values that would serve us, and shows us instead our attachment to the physical and material and our neglect of our deeper inner worlds.

Our species has evolved over millennia and we have now reached an unprecedented time in our history where we have the means and ability to end all war, famine, injustice, all poverty and inequality.

However, we have not yet reached a level of maturity mentally, emotionally and spiritually that matches the level of the technologies we have created - we are like young children given the keys to a Porche. 

As a species we seem to lack the will and the heart to make the necessary changes that would use our advanced material wealth and scientific knowledge to create a more reverent, harmonious and balanced world.  We also lack the integrative systems to put those changes into practice globally.

We also lack the necessarily expanded level of consciousness to create that world.
But millions of individuals around the globe are now getting together in groups, or working alone every day to expand their consciousness and to unite with others of like mind. 

Expansion of consciousness does not just mean raising our consciousness upwards to some transcendent place where GOD resides, but moving outwards in all directions to encompass the fullness of our physical body; expanding downwards from the head, (where we spend most of our time in our everyday waking mind) to the richness of our heart ; connecting to the energies of the physical world in all its manifest glory, outwards to all of life, including plant, animal and the mineral kingdoms.  Expansion works in six directions, upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, left and right with our centre being in our heart.  Like a balloon being blown up gradually, a more expanded consciousness encompasses the whole cosmos and recognises all as the divine made manifest.

We are all striving to create our vision, not of “love and peace man”, not a fluffy, unrealistically perfect world, but a world of truly sustainable ways of living in connection and community, in balance, wholeness and in truth; a world where each of us knows their own gifts and is willing to use them for the benefit of all;
We are striving to create a world where every unique individual is cared for, honoured, valued as one member of a wonderful, inclusive, varied, human family.




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