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YOGA = communion / connection / relationship


  • SRI AUROBINDO'S CHANT FOR TRANSFORMATION & REALISATION OF OUR TRUE NATURE, we use this chant in yoga and at the end of every chanting group. All Transformational yoga is based on the concepts expressed in this chant.
  • AUM
  • ANANDA MAYEE - *** I am/we are bliss
  • CHITANYA MAYEE - *** I am/we are supreme consciousness
  • SATYA MAYEE - *** I am/we are truth
  • PARA ME - *** I am/we are expressions of the divine
  • AUM

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KARMA YOGA path of action, work

Karma yoga is the path of right action, which is the non-violent, compassionate response to life.  The world is OK just as it is, the universe is fine flowing on its own course, I will just converse with it by working, living, creating.  All life activities can become part of this conversation.  Everyday activities such as washing dishes can be transformed into yogic practice.  Gardening, sewing, cooking a meal becomes spiritual practice if the task is performed mindfully, with no desire or attachment to success or the outcome.  It is the process that is the path. 

Karma Yoga practice has no goal or destination and therefore no disappointment.  All activity becomes a work of art.  The process of painting or writing poetry is the art, the painting or poem when complete don’t matter.  The creative process is the devotional practice, the mindful, flowing connected place of communion, so we are not attached to the product of this. But we can be grateful for this gift of conversation with the present moment without being attached to it.

  • JNANA YOGA path of knowledge

This is seeing the divine in all behind the veil of surface and impermanence that are created by the illusions of our world.  This creates peace.  Knowledge, understanding and theory grow out of the experiences of life.  This is the process of rending the veil of illusion (maya) between appearance (material is all) and reality (divinity) using the power of the mind and reason.

No Effort is needed during conversations with the universe, just by living and experiencing we learn, through process, by experience and by using the mind to intuit.  Communion with the world, like Satish Kumar walking around the world with no money, develops trust.  This knowledge is not information, but knowledge through living. 

  • DIHANA YOGA path of meditation mindfulness

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This is the practice of meditation which leads to a state of cultivated awareness and mindfulness at every moment.  This is a tool for transformation and for learning to live fully in the present moment.  The mantra of dihana yoga is only connect.  Will my words and actions inspire love and connection with others or fear and disconnection?  Full, deep awareness. Connection to mind, people, cosmos, body, emotions.  Connection to all.

  • BHAKTI YOGA path of love and worship

Bhakti yoga is the yoga of humility, surrender of ego, deep love, gratitude – these create connectionThe mantra of Bhakti yoga is YES.  Only say no when absolutely necessary, otherwise soften and open and surrender into yes in your life in loving relationships, especially in parenting.  This is the yoga where we practice commitment to cultivating humility, sitting in the beginners mind, surrendering arrogance and ego, which disconnect us.  In this practice we listen, honour, appreciate, devote and dedicate ourselves to love.  We see the divine in the other and through loving them we connect to Spirit.

  • RAJA YOGA path of meditation emptying mind

This path involves emptying the mind and reaching a state of pure consciousness

In this state, when the ego is empty or transcended and the mind is stilled, we need nothing.  We learn that the universe supports us completely and we are aware of it.  There is no trying, pushing, holding on.  There is no grasping or resistance or attachment.  Life is a flow, a fullness and complete without anything else needed.  This yoga is about unconditional love and generosity of the universe and of ourselves.  We need nothing and can give away anything.  There is no ownership of nature, animals or land, we have relationship with nature, with possessions, with people. 

There is no sense of owing anything, but that things are ‘near me’ or ‘in my presence’ and we appreciate them.  The apple tree gives its fruit and seeds unconditionally to anyone approaching the tree, there is an inclusiveness to its generosity, it gives to rich and poor, fearful and loving, kind and cruel alike.  The apple seed is planted and then years later reincarnates in another apple in a cycle of fullness and completion. 


  • simplicity, peace, compassion, truth
  • spiritual community and relationship to spread social transformation



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